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(BAY MINETTE, ALABAMA) Bay Minette, Alabama-based Baldwin Bonding Company has reunited arrested young adults with their parents quickly, safely, and efficiently for decades. In recent years, many of those arrests have occurred at the Hangout Festival in Baldwin County, Alabama.

Baldwin Bonding Company, Inc. – known simply as Baldwin Bonding – is located just a short walk from the Baldwin County jail. They offer bail bond services to people of all walks of life and ages who have been arrested and need to be released on bail. The agent at Baldwin Bonding often reminds families that Baldwin Bonding is just "thirty-eight steps to freedom.” Baldwin Bonding is, in fact, the closest bonding company to the jail release door.


Parents who live far away sometimes panic when they find out their teenager has been arrested at the Hangout Festival in Baldwin County, Alabama. They know no one in Baldwin County.

Baldwin Bonding is there to offer reassurance and peace of mind. The Baldwin Bonding team comprises highly skilled people who are well-versed in the bail bond process. But more than that, this team is family and will treat you like family. A list of Google reviews testifies to that fact.

Baldwin Bonding was founded 50 years ago by the Chastang family, a Baldwin County family known for hard work and integrity. The Chastangs taught their family to do the right thing and to care for others as they would want someone to care for them, and that commitment extends to this very day.


Baldwin Bonding is dedicated to doing the right thing for those who require a bond to get out of the county jail. One of the events that sees a significant number of arrests in Baldwin County is the Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, which is famous for its impressive lineup of entertainers. Law enforcement closely monitors the three-day music event; attendees and their belongings are thoroughly checked at the gates. However, despite warnings of tight security, dozens of people are arrested each year.

Bad things can happen to good people, and young adults can find themselves in a jam they never thought they'd confront. When called upon, Baldwin Bonding helps those individuals regain freedom and navigate the court process.


Bail bond companies often get a bad reputation, but Baldwin Bonding, a family-owned business, cares. What exactly sets Baldwin Bonding apart from the rest of the pack? 


  1. Familiarity with local procedures. With over 50 years in the business, Baldwin Bonding is well-versed in the area's specific legal guidelines and requirements. Baldwin Bonding can navigate the local court system efficiently, resulting in a smoother release process. 

  2. Peace of Mind. Choosing Baldwin Bonding, which is, in fact, 38 steps from the jail release center, offers convenience and peace of mind. As many family members do, you can easily communicate and meet with a friendly and compassionate agent or speak with them by phone. They provide reassurance and personal attention during what can be a stressful time.

  3. Swift action. Baldwin Bonding recognizes the urgency of the situation. The team is prepared to initiate the bail process promptly, ensuring your loved one can be on their way as soon as possible. Signatures can be obtained via DocuSign. Fees can be paid to Baldwin Bonding by credit card. This speed and efficiency bring confidence and relief during this challenging time.

  4. Smart navigation of the local court system. Baldwin Bonding is familiar with the local law enforcement agencies and courts, which enables its team to anticipate and address potential challenges effectively. Over the years, Baldwin Bonding has built strong relationships with the people involved in the court process, which means Baldwin Bonding can help you intelligently navigate the legal system. Further, Baldwin Bonding has well-established relationships with lawyers. More specifically, attorneys often recommend Baldwin Bonding and Baldwin Bonding knows local, reputable attorneys. These connections can be instrumental in expediting the process and resolving issues. Baldwin Bonding can explain your obligations and rights, helping to bring you peace of mind during a confusing time.

  5. Community reputation is everything. Baldwin Bonding's 50-year track record of upholding ethical standards and providing exceptional service to clients is unwavering. This family-owned business’s commitment to honesty and reliability will give you a sense of security and assurance.

  6. Safe Space in the Baldwin Bonding office. This safe area is provided for clients and people waiting on their loved one’s release. Baldwin Bonding stays in contact with you until the client is released and reunited. 

  7. Long-distance technology. Distance is not a problem. Baldwin Bonding can handle most bonds no matter where the parent or co-signer is. 


It all boils down to the tried-and-true fact that Baldwin Bonding understands the importance of family and is fully committed to reuniting you with your family member as soon as possible. 

Baldwin Bonding Company, Inc. – Baldwin Bonding – can be your trustworthy partner in navigating the bail process during these uncertain times. 

An agent is available 24/7 to assist. Baldwin Bonding has a 50-year track record of helping people like you.

Will you let them help you restore freedom for yourself or a loved one? 

Here is the contact information for Baldwin Bonding. 



Baldwin Bonding Company, Inc. 

100 E 3rd St, Bay Minette, AL 36507


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